Save Hamilton Pool Alliance's vision is to

protect the environmental integrity of

Hamilton Pool and the potential degradation of  Hamilton Creek Watershed.

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with it's mission to empower our local communities to take all necessary steps to protect the water quality of Hamilton Pool from current and future threats of contamination, and to preserve its natural beauty for generations to come.


Who else, if not us, and how else, if not by and with you, will Hamilton Pool be saved?

Save Hamilton Pool Alliance is a 501(c)(3) 

non-profit organization. In order to carry out our mission, we rely upon generous donations by people like you who care about protecting and preserving the natural beauty of Hamilton Pool Creek Watershed.

 Your contributions are tax-deductible. 

“There is a power in nature that man has ignored. And the result has been heartache and pain.”


― Anasazi Foundation, The Seven Paths: Changing One's Way of Walking in the World