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A petition to “Save Hamilton Pool” claims a proposal for an RV park nearby is threatening the beloved Hill Country swimming hole. According to the change.org petition, groundwater contamination, surface runoff and loss of habitat are among the threats posed by the possible development.

At publication time, the petition had garnered more than 9,000 signatures, with a goal of 10,000 signees. “I urge the Travis County Commissioners and LCRA Highland Lakes Watershed officials to take all necessary steps to protect the water quality of Hamilton Pool from current and future threats of contamination and to preserve its natural beauty for generations to come,” the petition reads. Bentree, the company behind the proposed RV park, told CBS Austin the concerns are unfounded and the development “will absolutely have zero impact at all polluting Hamilton Pool.”

Residents in the neighborhood nearby also told CBS Austin that the increase in traffic brought by the RV park will hinder access to the neighborhood. Read more about the group’s effort on their website.

Link: https://www.statesman.com/news/20190624/save-hamilton-pool-petition-calls-for-end-to-rv-park-proposal

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A petition circulating online is calling for an end to a proposal to put an RV park near The Hamilton Pool Preserve.

"Our kids have grown up here. our daughter had birthday parties down at Hamilton pool," said Stagecoach Ranch resident Bob Adkins.

People who live nearby believe the quality of water and wildlife at Hamilton Pool is in jeopardy. Two developers are eyeing a 10-acre piece of land above the entrance to the pool.

"The property is about 500, 600 feet from Hamilton Creek which then flows down into Hamilton Pool, and septic systems have been known to fail in this area," said Stagecoach Ranch resident Tom Hegemier. "So we’re just concerned that something could happen, a spill that gets into Hamilton Pool pretty easily, and then it could actually pollute Hamilton Pool.”

Hegemier said he has expressed his concerns for the proposed project to Travis County officials and the LCRA.

The development company, Bentree is currently working on the permit process for the project. They said those concerns are unfounded.

"There’s no concern, our septic system will be maintained," said Bentree developer Kristy Petree. "We have to have a maintenance contract and it’s checked yearly, it’s maintained It will absolutely have zero impact at all polluting Hamilton Pool.”

This month some neighbors created the "Save Hamilton Pool," petition and website to stop the development. The petition has received more than 7,000 signatures as of June 22.

"I thought the community would have open arms. It could be so many things that would be way detrimental to their subdivision," said Petree. "It could be industrial, it could be automotive, it could be apartments and condos...all kinds of things that could actually harm the community versus something that’s very harmonious with the land and with what is needed in the area.”

Petree said the goal is to make Hamilton Pool more accessible to non-residents by having a place where they can stay overnight.

"I would like to not have an RV park here," said Adkins. "I would like to not have commercial development period here."

There is another concern residents have about the proposal.

"This is our only way in and out and so if there's 80 RVs trying to get out, it also blocks the access to our neighborhood," said Hegemier.

Concerned residents have invited the developers to meet with them sometime this week.

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