A Call to Action


Secure & Protect the Hamilton Pool Watershed

We urge the Travis County Commissioners and LCRA Highland Lakes Watershed officials to take all necessary steps to preserve and protect our environment and public natural resources through responsible land stewardship.

Please advocate for your community stakeholders by preserving the environmental integrity of Hamilton Pool for generations to come. ⠀

Travis County Commissioner's Court

December 3, 2019

Presentation by: Stagecoach Ranch Residents & Save Hamilton Pool Alliance


Stand up to Protect Hamilton Pool!

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Please copy and paste the following letter draft and send to Travis County Commissioner's Court TODAY!

We need as many letters sent before the Tuesday, Dec. 10th Meeting. 

Please SEND the following letter and help us preserve Hamilton Pool!


CC: ,


RE:         December 10, 2019 Commissioners Court Agenda Item #25

               Proposed BenTree RV Trailer Park in Precinct Three Project No. 19-22545


Honorable Judge Eckhardt and Travis County Commissioners:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to an exception from platting requirements for the Bentree RV Trailer Park being discussed at your December 10, 2019 meeting; Agenda Item #25.


This proposed RV trailer park, with a density of 80 pads on 10 pristine acres uphill Hamilton Pool, raises urgent traffic, engineering, safety, and wildfire risk concerns for residential community stakeholders. In addition, it compromises the fragile integrity of the Hamilton Creek ecosystem and Hamilton Pool. It pushes the limits of what the land can sustain.


Hamilton Pool is sacred place and the center of many family stories in Central Texas; visitors come from countries all over the world to experience this unique feature of the Hill Country. Not only is it stunningly beautiful but it holds 8,000 years of cultural history for the families of Central Texas.

More than 22,719 people are alarmed by this dense development being proposed on a dead-end narrow road, uphill from Hamilton Pool. They have signed a petition to express concern and voice opposition for the following obvious reasons:

  • The proposed development’s main goal is maximum density for maximum profit, and its tactic is to push the limits of minimum county regulations and place the environment at risk.

  • The adequacy and topography of the road infrastructure.

  • Wildfire risk designation of the proposed location.

  • Impacts to the safety of residents of Stagecoach Ranch, including and especially during an emergency evacuation.


A development of this intensity needs a subdivision process to ensure the safety of the families that live on a narrow county road that is 19 feet wide. The proposed development will directly threaten public safety of the Stagecoach Ranch community, other residents on the long two-lane stretch of Hamilton Pool Road, all visitors to Hamilton Pool Preserve, and everyone who drives on Hamilton Pool Road.

I urge you to preserve and protect our environment and public natural resources through responsible land stewardship. Once compromised, some things cannot be recovered!